Friday, July 26, 2013

Off to Canada!

Photo. Tumblr (Niagara Falls)

Hi lovely readers! Today I'm going to Canada for three weeks. I'm so excited! Finally real vacation, without any obligations. I will try to update the blog once a week! On the photo you see the Niagara Falls, I went there years ago and it was such a lovely place. I will definitely visit it again. I wish you all a great holiday!! Hope to see you soon :) 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My instagram diary of last week. 1/ baptism of my little niece, so cute!! 2/ wearing my new Mango top, I'm into white outfits lately 3/ my favorite breakfast in this hot weather 4/ love my silver sandals from Zara, I bought them on sale 5/ an outfit from last week with my Zara bomber jacket 6/ another photo of the outfit 7/ packed my suitcase for Canada, 5 days left!! Can't wait! 8/ an photo from an previous outfitpost. Wearing all white. 

Friday, July 19, 2013


A while ago I ordered this fringe vest from It was on sale and I thought it is a perfect vest for the summer days. I actually wanted to combine the vest with some black boots (a festival look) but I liked it this way too. Now I'm going to get ready for work, I can't enjoy the great weather today.. unfortunately! Enjoy your day! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Oh, I love these sunny days! I can finally wear my summer clothes, I hope it will stay sunny the upcoming days! Last week I went shopping with friends and I bought many things on sale. All the clothes I am wearing are sale items. The skirt is from C&A, a store where you will never see me but I walked in for fun and I saw this skirt sooo cheap! I couldn't resist it. My new Mango top which is a little to big for me but I wanted this top for sooo long and it was sold out everywhere so I bought it in a size bigger. And the last sale item, my sandals. These sandals are so comfortable and looks great on the feet! I am going to the city now, next week I am going to Canada and I haven't bought a suitcase yet.. oops! Are you going on holiday this summer?

Skirt | C&A
Top | Mango
Sandals, bag | Zara
Necklace | Bershka

Saturday, July 13, 2013


It was cloudy yesterday so I choosed to wear a simple white outfit with a touch of black. I am so in love with my new heels from Asos. Even though they don't walk that comfortable, I just love the simplicity of these heels. I will keep it short now because I have to hurry for work! I am curious to hear your thoughts, happy saturday :).

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last weekend I went to Brussel with my family to attend my niece's baptism. It was a sunny day and I was happy to wear my new dress from H&M Trend. I actually wore heels (which you probably saw on Instagram) but I changed the heels for my sandals to survive the day hehe. The photos are made with my Iphone, so not the best quality. Tomorrow I will post the new outfit photos, stay tuned!

Red dress | H&M Trend
Sandals | River Island (old)
Sunnies | Ray-Ban
Cross necklace | Bershka

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


I know you haven't heard from me for a few months now but I am back to blogging! The last 4 months were busy months for me, some personal things which were going on and beside that I had an internship of 36 hours a week. It was too much for me to blog beside these things. I really missed blogging and now I have more time to spend on my blog. The last months I updated every now and then photos on my Instagram, you can follow me on my new account: @fashiontornadoblog. These photos are from the last two weeks, a lot of  photos as you see, I hope you like it!

1/ Last week I went to Rotterdam with a friend, I bought a lot of new summer clothes. This cute playsuit from River Island is one of my purchases 2/ In brussel last weekend 3/ Received my Nelly order, a great fringe vest which I bought on sale 4/ I couldn't resist buying these heels from Zara, they were only 15 euros on sale! 5/ And again some new shoes which I bought on sale. These beautiful heels are from Asos 6/ This weekend I went to Brussel with my family to attend my niece's baptism, I wore my new h&m Trend dress that day, on this photo I changed the heels for some comfortable sandals.

7/ The outfit I wore to the graduation, I can finally start with a new study. International Communication and Media, I can't wait! 8/ A healthy breakfast with my favorite fruit 9/ I love these sandals, I've got these sandals for two years now and I still love to wear them 10/ An outfit which I wore on a rainy day 11/ This photo was made on our way to Brussel 12/ A sweet gift from my friend, Mac Skinfiinish powder.