Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is the outfit I wore to Amsterdam Fashion Week. Just a simple black outfit which I totally feel comfortable in. Last friday I received a message from Guylaine (Hazydestination) and she told me that she had tickets for AFW. I was sooo happy and I couldn't say ''no'' ofcourse. The only thing in my mind was.. what should I wear?! I didn't had time to shop so I choosed for a simple outfit, hope you like it though!! 

Blazer, grey tee, shoes, bag, hat | Zara
Leather trousers, rings, mesh shirt | H&M
Watch | D&G

Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday I went for the first time to Amsterdam Fashion Week. I was really excited, I went to the last show 'body archive' of fashion designer Marga Weimans. It was a couture collection with bold colors and many graphic prints. The show was a mix of fashion and architecture. I was impressed, It was a creative show with architecture, fashion and art.

It was difficult for me to choose the right settings on my camera, I hope you don't mind about the bad photos and I will show you my outfit later!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


First of all.. I'm sorry for my absence. I have been so busy this week with the last days of school. I only have to make exams and finish my internship and after summer I can finally start with a new study, I'm really excited. Back to the post.. outfit inspiration. The outfits are all different but they give me all a summer feeling. I am totally in love with the second outfit, a great festival look. No bare legs for now, unfortunately.. it's still cold outside and I am fed up of the snow. I think it's time for the sun to show up!
photos: Pinterest, Stockholm-Streetstyle

Which outfit is your favorite?

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My Instagram diary of the last week with a lot of snow. 1/ Me, with a big big smile 2/ My new rings, the left one is from H&M and the other one is an unknown brand 3/ Wearing my super comfi sweater from Asos combined with a black skirt 4/ View from my classroom, isn't it beautiful :)? 5/ I don't have some snowboots or special boots for snow so I wore my bikerboots.. poor cold feet.. 6/ In love with my fedora hat with studs from Zara 7/ Hahaha, this photo is so funny, lol!! 8/ A summer photo from 2011, wearing a snake printed maxidress. Enjoy your sunday sweet readers!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Brrr.. it's so cold outside but my sweater and my faux fur jacket kept me warm. I'm feeling a bit sick the last few days, I caught a cold and my throat hurts. I hope I will get better soon. About the outfit: all black and white again.. I need to add more bright colours to my wardrobe. However it's a comfortable outfit and what's better than wearing sweaters in this cold weather? 

Faux fur jacket, leather pants | H&M
Dogtooth printed sweater, biker boots | Asos
Bag | Zara

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


While it's freezing outside, I'm currently craving for summertime. I saw some beautiful items at Asos and Topshop which I wanted to show you. 1/ Asos silver sandals 2/ Topshop aztec printed bandeau 3/ Topshop embellished top 4/ Topshop leopard sandals 5/ D&G black sunglasses 6/ Asos white clutch 7/ Asos neon sandals with a metal trim.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Who said white pants can't be worn in winter? (well, my mom said so, she think it's weird). I don't know why but all the photos didn't work out today. My brother made the photos and he was laughing at me because of my funny poses. I choosed two photos, not my best photos but I wanted to show you this outfit. I have been busy for school this week, I have to prepare myself for my new internship which will start in February. I hope I will be able to update my blog often during my internship, my workinghours will be from 9 till 5. After work it's too dark outside to make photos so let the summer begin!! I am curious to hear your thoughts about my outfit. Enjoy your weekend!

Fedora hat, pants, shoes | Zara
Mesh shirt, faux fur jacket, rings | H&M

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


It's time for some good inspiration!! I am totally fan of all these outfits, especially the second one. Yes, I am into black and white lately. In my opinion, the combination of the striped blazer and the black dress is perfect. A white leather jacket is also on my wishlist, love the model of the white jacket. Underneath the jacket you see a pretty minimalistic outfit which I could definitely see myself wearing. Which one do you like most? Enjoy your day!!

Photos: Tumblr, Pinterest, Carolines Mode

Saturday, January 05, 2013


December is over and school will start again on monday (unfortunately). December was a busy month and a month full of shopping, I spent way too much money. I bought a lot of presents, new clothes and other stuff. So now ''the shopping diet'' will start, I have to save money and spend less on things I don't need. What are you looking at?

1/ My new white cute skirt for summer which I ordered from (Estradeur) 2/ Glitter nails, the glitter nail polish is from Pimkie 3/ My christmas outfit which I showed you earlier 4/ And another outfit with a skirt which I showed you earlier 5/ A cute santa house with lights. If you touch it, Santa will sing for you haha 6/ I love receiving packages, especially from Asos 7/ Purple nails (Hema) 8/ My new fedora hat from Zara 9/ And as last, my new purchases (previous post).

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


First of all: I wish you all a happy and a healthy new year!! 

I did a little sale shopping last week. I am not a big fan of sale shopping because it's very crowded and my size is always sold out. But this time I found some nice items which I wanted to show you. I ordered the 'dogtooth' sweater from Asos and the sweater is so comfortable!! The black/white sweater and black shopper are from Zara, I bought the shopper for only 30 euries!! A black shopper is always good. The black skirt is from River Island and as last: silver sandals from Mango. I ordered these sandals from the webshop and I really like the sandals but I think they are not so comfortable. Maybe they will be more comfortable if I wear them a few times. I'm also waiting for another package which I will show you on Instagram (@fashiontornado). Did you bought some items in sale? And what do you think of my purchases?

P.s. sorry for the bad photos, made the photos in dark (that's why they are in black/white)